I received this in a fan mail message, and with permission, I am putting it here for EVERYONE to read BECAUSE IT NEEDS TO BE READ.

This is not just about a certain user, but about the general attitude of users, especially in the vegan community on tumblr.
I’m TIRED OF THIS BULLSHIT MENTALITY SOME OF YOU HAVE.. IF you advocate for non violence and compassion as a vegan, towards animals, yet you act out in anger and then advocate for violence towards humans, you are a hypocritical douchebag. There I said it. 

Please read and realize how bizarre some of your ‘behavior’ looks to others in and outside of this ‘site’.
(and you wonder WHY people are hesitant to change their ways? fuck, maybe YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR MENTALITY AND THE WAY YOU TALK TO PEOPLE!!)

I’m sure you don’t even care about this topic anymore but I’d like to say that you were certainly not “burned” in the least bit by Vegan-because-fuck-you.
One cannot be burned by someone who uses such profanity on a regular basis.
Based on his posts, he obviously gets a boner from his own rage against the amorphous “man” and the making of vast generalizations.
Not once did you mention condoning the eating of meat.
Deciding someone is the enemy before even conversing with them is off-putting and not productive at all. Vegan-because-fuck-you seems to behave like a petulant child, whose vocabulary primarily consists of the word “fuck”, perpetually throwing a tantrum because not everything is perfectly their way. Tantrums don’t change anything. You’ll run yourself, kicking and screaming, into the ground.

If someone has already decided that veganism is not a path they choose, rage will not change their mind either. Openness, guidance, patience, and unwavering belief in your cause are the ways through which one can truly affect change.

Indeed, sometimes we must fight, but let us not declare war on every individual who lacks knowledge on the vegan way of life. ”

- used with permission from a user who wished to remain anonymous.