There are some animal advocates who claim that we can’t promote veganism as a moral baseline because we can’t make moral judgments. (As if) Morality is just a matter of individual opinion.

If we cannot make moral judgments, then we can’t say that things like rape, genocide, and child molestation are morally objectionable. If we can say that those things are morally objectionable but that the morality of animal exploitation is just a matter of opinion or preference, and cannot be the subject of a moral judgment, then we’re just being speciesist.

nice job laughing at those in poverty. if it's so easy, i would like you to point out the cheapest vegan food, how to make an actual meal out of it, and how much that would cost in total, plus preparation time because believe it or not those in the working class don't have all this energy to spend on making food.

I am under the poverty line, mother fucker. real talk.
(i suffer from a mental health disorder(s) and am unable to work at this time while i get my shit together)
and my meals take less than 15 mins to make, depending on what it is. also, veganism isnt time intensive. the only diet that is related to veganism that COULD BE considered time intensive is RAW VEGANISM. Veganism itself is NOT time intensive. thats a pathetic excuse. it takes longer to cook a piece of meat for fuck sakes.

and instead of me explaining meals and shit, check out:
How to go vegan and live on $3.33/day

also check out these links (tips for eating cheap and a book on frugal vegan eating)