so the republican party wants to make birth control hard to access and cut funding to planned parenthood unless they stop offering abortion services…. they also want to cut cancer screening tests (like mammograms)

thats cool,

so when will condoms, viagra, and vasectomys be stopped and cut from the republicans budget?

if you are going to bitch about birth control and abortion, and not complain about condoms, or vasectomys………. you have a clear problem. fuck you. hypocrites. you are not PRO LIFE.

if mitt romney was REALLY pro life, he should spare some of his BILLIONS to help the poor and sick in africa (or in the usa, since there is SO MUCH poverty). but he doesnt. because he doesnt care. he is such a joke. 

oh my god. i was watching the republican convention for the LOLs.. (Santorum was being interviewed and he literally makes no sense when he speaks. i have no idea how he even became a govenor, seriously? and the way he was talking it was like he wanted paul ryan to be in the spotlight and he pretty much said that romney isnt likeable)


a woman and man were making a speech about obamacare and all that shit, and the woman actually said

"are civil rights are not granted by the government but by god graciously himself!"
and basically people cheered. it was so fucked. like, what? and the man then said ” the constitution restricts the power of the governement” and basically went on to say how that needs to change. WHAT? WHAT THE FUCK?

I have no fucking idea how the hell this thinking exists!

and FUCK, obamacare? romneycare? WHO THE FUCK CARES!!!???!

for christ sakes can the US just adopt universal health care. every god damn country that is doing well and cares for the people have it in place. it just makes sense. like, yes, it will cost money, but guess what, the military spends BILLIONS a week, so i’m going to say its not impossible. people need to start giving a fuck about others, seriously. yes, you will have to pay and your tax money will go to fund free health care for people that cant afford it themselves, but why is that a bad thing? you know whats a BAD THING? not being able to see a doctor because you DONT HAVE ENOUGH MONEY. do you realize how fucked that is? ugh.