Is anybody out there to hear our unvoiced cries? To hear the grief we feel for our friends and foes that die? Will anybody save us from the heartless prison guards, who lock us in and say goodbye, then carry on with cards? Will someone be our hero, to save us from this hate, to stop the heat and cold and burns, that sign and seal our fate? Will someone hold up banners, and shout on our behalf, outside our legal deathcamps that halt our earthly path? Will someone clean our cells, to wash away the pain, and burn the memories, that stain the bars and chains? Is anybody out there?

Tammie McCrudden (Animal Liberation Magazine 1990)

let’s begin this line with ‘there was a sad girl’
her feelings took a hold of her, she lost all her words
she lost a lover, yet more so a friend.
a friend of many colours;
greener then the treetops of each place they visited.
brighter then the sun which woke them each day.
yes, she met a friend

a friend who needs time. a friend who needs to heal.

a friend she’s already lost.

cat haiku

I don’t mind being
Teased, any more than you mind
A skin graft or two.